Dear Amazon SES customer:

Congratulations! You have been granted production access to Amazon Simple Email Service. Your account has been moved out of the Amazon SES sandbox and is now ready for use to send email without having to verify recipient email addresses. (Note that you still must verify any From: addresses from which you wish to send.)

Amazon SES will now begin increasing your daily sending quota and maximum sending rate, provided you continue sending high quality email. We strongly recommend that you closely monitor your sending activity limits, and begin increasing your sending activity. For more information on these topics, please see the Amazon SES Developer Guide.

Sincerely, Amazon Web Services

要するに、お試し版から確認メアドじゃないところにも送信できるよ〜との事。ただし、最大送信数は、日々増やしていくよん とのこと。 あ、このあたりの事は他のブログでも読んだな。一気に配信数を送信することは無理なんだよね。どのくらい送信すれば大丈夫なのか調べてみよう。